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succeed at conflict resolution

Stop spinning your wheels

Figure out what to say. Figure out what to do. Get somewhere you actually want to be.

Get traction

When problems are complex, messy, or stuck, it can feel like you're working hard but going nowhere. It's exhausting and frustrating.

But it's not the way it has to be.

Hello, I'm Tammy Lenski, a mediator, coach, conflict resolution author and teacher. I've been helping people get conflict unstuck, build momentum, and get better conflict resolution results for 20 years.

Here are four ways I can help you get some traction...

Where do you need more traction?

Keeping my balance in conflict

Learn how to stay calm, think clearly, and communicate nimbly

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Dealing with difficult behaviors

Discover how to respond when someone's behavior is a problem

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Making problems more solvable

Figure out how to get conflict unstuck by approaching it differently

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Succeeding as a mediator

Mediators, learn how to make a bigger impact and increase your reach

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