The art and science of conflict resolution

I'll show you the psychology, neuroscience, and creativity of agile conflict resolution at work and home

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    Alice Waagen
    Alice Waagen, PhD

    "Your blogs are a god-send! You explain some fairly complicated human processes in easy-to-use language!"

    Lynn Bacon
    Lynn Bacon

    "The value you give is amazing!!"

    Mary Leichliter
    Mary Leichliter

    "Thank you, thank you, too, for your wisdom, for knowing what is important, meaningful, authentic."

    Gail Koehler
    Gail Koehler

    "Your impressive experience and extensive background are tremendous resources and I appreciate your sharing so many free items."

    4 essential topics brought into focus

    Conflict resolution's inner game
    The most valuable insights from psychology and neuroscience translated to help you tackle frustrating behavior effectively and stay mentally agile under stress.
    Hacking conflict resolution
    Explorations into fresh, unconventional approaches, gathered to help you get conflict unstuck, motivate forward momentum, and deliver remarkable results.
    Creative problem-solving
    Actionable ideas, resources, and exercises to spark breakthroughs, enable powerful insights, and stimulate creative solutions.
    Professional success
    Powerful, proven methods and inspiring ideas for translating conflict resolution ability into successful careers and flourishing private practices.

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