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Did you know that I post additional conflict resolution, negotiation, and communication tips and ideas elsewhere on the web?

I use several social media platforms regularly and I tend to use each a little differently. Here’s how I use each one. I’d love to connect with you on one or more of these platforms!


follow me on twitter
Follow me on Twitter
I use Twitter to post links to interesting conflict resolution and negotiation research and articles I come across each week. I’m on Twitter more than any other social media platform because I like its straightforward simplicity, so it’s also where I interact most with colleagues and followers.


Follow me on Pinterest
I use Pinterest to post conflict resolution and negotiation images, including posters, pithy conflict resolution quotations, amusing products, videos, and the like. I like Pinterest’s ability to capture and display visuals easily and I post there regularly.


join me on google plus
Join me on Google+
I anticipate spending more time on Google+ once my second book comes out because it’s a good place for conversation. I do post occasionally there now, but will ramp up my use of that platform in 2014.


Connect with me on LinkedIn
I use LinkedIn primarily to connect with folks I’ve met at conferences, during my client work, and through professional interactions online. I don’t hang out there much but I do regularly formalize connections there.

What about Facebook, you ask? At the moment I limit my Facebook friends to friends and family.