Make mediation your day job

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  • Publisher's Choice Award
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Part practical workbook and part inspirational ideabook, this award-winning book by full-time mediator Tammy Lenski teaches you how to market your best self with integrity and distinction.
The premier mediation marketing guide for new and seasoned ADR professionals alike, Making Mediation Your Day Job leverages what mediators know how to do best: Create dialogue.

Dr. Tammy Lenski writes, resolves, speaks, and teaches about resolving conflict in business and personal relationships. She specializes in helping people develop simple everyday conflict resolution practices that lead to optimal decisions and strong connections.

In 2008, after founding and running a successful ADR firm for over a decade, Tammy shared her simple, straightforward practice-building ideas in Making Mediation Your Day Job. The book has been read by thousands of mediators worldwide.

Tammy is the recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Mary Parker Follett Award for innovative and pioneering work in her field.

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