Conflict resolution workshops in California and Vermont

conflict resolution workshops

I’ll be teaching two conflict resolution workshops in the next few weeks. I post all upcoming speaking engagements on my conflict resolution workshops and events page and will be adding a number of new February and March events soon. I’d so appreciate you passing this announcement to others and posting it in your favorite social media hangouts.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

The naked mediator: Our strengths, our frailties, and what they reveal about us

February 2, Petaluma, CA – Learn more

We finish some mediations flying high with exhilaration and others gnawed upon by self-doubt. We experience similar highs and lows when coaching, training, teaching, and in the other ways we bring our conflict resolution work to life. And we engage our own conflicts along a similar continuum: Some leave us feeling confident that we can indeed “walk the talk” and some leave us feeling shame for the way we reacted.

What do these experiences reveal about us and what can we learn from them that helps keep us centered while bearing witness to others’ challenges? This workshop is an exploration of our inner landscapes — what nourishes us, what drains us, what humbles us, and why. Come prepared to reflect about yourself, your gifts, and your doubts, and to help hold the space for others to reflect deeply alongside you.

This session is part of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Spirituality Section Annual Retreat.

Calming the storm: De-escalating high-heat encounters

February 12, Brattleboro, VT – Register

When emotions run hot at work or home you need simple, reliable approaches for cooling them down and getting back on track. Come learn the secrets mediators know for de-escalating anger and frustration, what people really need during such high-heat moments, and common mistakes that actually escalate distress inadvertently.

This workshop is part of Marlboro Grad Schools’ Management Ideas Exchange. It is free and open to the public, though registration is required.