Conflict resolution workshop at ACR Cincinnati

Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnatir
Are you a conflict resolution professional planning to attend the Association for Conflict Resolution annual conference in October? If so, I hope we’ll have a chance to catch up in person.

Here’s one place we can connect: I’ll be teaching a conflict resolution workshop on how to address chronic conflict and tension in ongoing personal and business relationships. The workshop is scheduled for the morning of Friday, October 10 and continuing education credits are available.

Coaching the Conflict Pivot: Three Steps to Help Free Clients from Conflict

A pivot is a change of direction and, therefore, focus. Since most people stuck in states of conflict and tension
focus attention in ways that get them stuck and cause the conflict to gnaw at them, freedom from a conflict means pivoting in three key ways. This session, based on a framework I’ve developed and used with clients over the past decade, will teach conflict management coaches and mediators how to guide their clients through three essential conflict pivots.

You will learn:

1. The basics of my 3-part framework for freeing individual clients and client groups from chronic conflict.
2. How to apply the basic framework in a coaching or mediation setting.
3. The best ways to advance their skill and facility in using the framework with clients.

I hope you’ll join me for the workshop and we can visit in person.

Photo credit: Chuck Eilerman