Conflict resolution

I specialize in resolving states of tension and interpersonal conflict in ongoing business and personal relationships and in helping people bring their A game to conflict resolution. My clients are organizations, individuals, business partners, and couples who want to turn conflict into greater alignment, optimal decision-making, stronger connection, and peace of mind.

When I craft and deliver conflict resolution keynotes and endnotes, I focus on results like these: Inspiring the audience. Translating powerful ideas into successful actions. Making conflict resolution an entertaining, compelling topic. Engaging content.
Conflict coaching is about accelerated change in the way a person manages or performs in conflict situations, advocacy, and problem-solving at work or home. We’ll identify the results that will make the most difference and then partner to help you achieve them.
Weaving memorable stories with practical tips from almost two decades of conflict resolution work, I translate powerful ideas into actionable messages that leave participants inspired, energized, and ready to apply their conflict resolution learning.
Since 1999 my online courses for organizations and graduate schools have been dynamic, outcomes-oriented, and highly engaging. I frequently recommend an in-person conflict resolution workshop followed by use of my online platform for optimal learning.
I focus my mediation work on resolving conflict in ongoing relationships, including business partners, management teams, couples, and siblings. My clients have goals like these: Reducing daily tension. Moving past a painful conflict. Improving team dynamics.
I teach new and seasoned conflict resolution professionals leading-edge, proven approaches for building successful private practices and facilitating the resolution of conflict. One-on-one mentoring typically takes place via telephone or skype, accompanied by email.