Conflict resolution services

conflict resolution

I specialize in sorting out states of tension and interpersonal conflict in ongoing business and personal relationships. I work with organizations, business partners, couples, and individuals to turn conflict into greater alignment, optimal decision-making, stronger connection, and peace of mind.

Case examples

Fine-tuning a VP's persuasive voice

A vice president in a metropolitan public relations firm sought out Tammy for assistance in advocating more powerfully for herself in interactions with colleagues and her CEO. She had been frequently dismissed as “shrill” in tense circumstances, but with Tammy’s negotiation coaching over a period of several months she achieved these career-advancing results:

  • She identified the persuasion tactics that didn’t serve her well in that organization or role and developed new habits to replace them.
  • She noticeably increased the success rate with which she was able to influence decisions at the senior level.
  • She shifted the way fellow vice presidents and senior executives viewed her contributions to leadership of the company.

Resolving marital conflict

A couple married for almost 15 years approached Tammy about an ongoing state of conflict that was damaging the relationship and leading them to consider divorce. Having worked through some issues with a couples counselor, they still found themselves facing recurring themes in their conflict. With Tammy’s conflict coaching assistance, the couple achieved these important results for their relationship:

  • They finally addressed two very long-term conflicts that had never had real resolution during the course of their marriage.
  • They learned and became practiced in using an approach Tammy has designed for helping air out new concerns and preventing them from becoming bitter and entrenched.
  • They shifted the relationship from one where bickering was frequent and recurring conflict fed their frustration to one where they could calmly and successfully raise and discuss the issues that mattered.

Turning business partner conflict into opportunity

The owners of a direct media company had suffered a falling out over the future direction of their company and their decision making had ground to a halt in the months since the initial disagreement. Over a period of several months, Tammy coached the partners individually and mediated their business disagreements, leading to these key results:

  • The owners addressed their seven-month interpersonal tension so they could communicate directly and effectively again.
  • They decided not to dissolve the company and to restructure each of their roles to better accommodate and distinguish their skills and evolving individual interests.
  • They reached agreement on several key strategic decisions that would set the future course of their business.