Change your words, change your world

How we frame matters. How we frame our offer, our doubt, our idea, our concern can make the difference between being heard and being ignored, between interest and aversion, between succeeding and stumbling.

The art of framing is the art of choosing words that speak to others as powerfully as they speak to you.

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    • Ann Becker says

      So very true; and often impulse, insight bursts forth words in ignorance of the meaning to the receiver.

  1. Jo-Ann says

    Thanks for sharing this, Tammy. I saw it online a year ago, but it’s a message we should all frequently revisit.

  2. says

    Dear Tammy, the art of framing is choosing words to redefine or re-construct the present reality in a different way. What is this difference?
    Framing in a way that we now confront a solvable problem; framing that offers us a challenge we can learn from and tackle successfully….
    The trick of re-framing is, simply, to manipulate shared reality in order to empower us to deal with it in a better way.
    Then, the words will speak to others and invite others to accept this new reality, live under it, and grow under it….
    That’s is our magic power!

  3. says

    Part of what people use to evaluate your believability comes from the competence you display in what you frame: the subjects about which you communicate and your expertise with respect to them.

  4. Rosa Abdelnour says

    My God! I cried! It is beatiful as all you Tammy send to us. In conflicto how beatiful can learn how to change words.