Leaving room for the door to open

Our doorbell rang. Again. It had been ringing a lot in the past few weeks, as the political races wound down to election day. Here in New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary every four years, we like to say that "politics is up close and personal." Every serious candidate comes to our town. We get to see them in person, even shake hands and ask a question. We discuss what we think of the latest visitor with the bartender at the pub and with the woman standing ahead of us in the … [Read more...]

Our narratives reflect who we are

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, a single whale calls out again and again and again. Whale 52, as he's known, has never been seen by humans. But he has been heard. For years. His call has been recorded and it's in a frequency that matches no other whale species. Maybe that's why no other whale seems to have answered him and why 52 continues to swim and call, swim and call. The media has dubbed him The Loneliest Whale in the World. A Kickstarter campaign is trying to fund an expedition by … [Read more...]

The future of mediation

What is the future of mediation? That's the very question I was invited to answer by Mediate.com's Mediation Futures Project. The project is inviting leading thinkers in the field to share their ideas and hopes about the future of the mediation field and of mediation practice. So I contributed The Future of Mediation: Mediators As Problem Finders, Makers, and Designers. Here's an excerpt: In 1964 two University of Chicago social scientists conducted an experiment at the Art Institute of … [Read more...]

Hold the date: Conflict coaching workshop

If you're an organizational leader, manager, business owner, or HR professional, this conflict coaching workshop announcement is for you. Breaking the Conflict Cycle: The Leader and Manager as Conflict Coach Every organizational leader and manager has the experience of dealing with a steady flow of conflictual situations landing in their lap. They become expert at offering good advice and efficiently solving problems only to have similar ones come back through the door. This workshop is … [Read more...]

Do you have a dollar for four quarters?

"Excuse me," said the gentleman. "Do you have a dollar for four quarters?" Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and thinker extraordinaire Seth Godin had just parked his car on Manhattan's Upper West Side when he was approached by a panhandler. The question caught Godin's attention because it's not the question he expected from the panhandler. And Godin actually did need quarters for the parking meter. So he and the stranger completed the transaction. Then the gentleman asked Godin, … [Read more...]