What if…

The Conflict Pivot, Chapter 1… Stubborn conflict was no match for your creativity and resourcefulness?
… You could handle emotionally charged conflict with composure and finesse?
… Clients and employees sought out your problem solving prowess?
… Vexing conflict behaviors dissolved under your guidance?
… You knew how to translate conflict resolution savvy into an influential career?

Making Mediation Your Day JobI’m Tammy Lenski and I’ve been helping leaders, managers, business owners, mediators, and coaches turn “what ifs” into reality for 20 years. Since founding my conflict resolution firm in 1997, I’ve guided thousands of organizations, couples, and individuals worldwide as a master mediator, executive coach, speaker, educator, and author.

Along the way, I’ve had the good fortune to be honored for my work. In 2012 the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) presented me with the Mary Parker Follett Award for innovative and pioneering work in the conflict resolution field. In 2015 I received the Pioneer Award from the New England Association for Conflict Resolution for significant contributions to the conflict resolution field and passionate commitment to the profession’s growth and development.

Tammy in the media

I began my career in higher education, serving as a dean and vice president, then later as a co-founder of the world’s first master’s degree in mediation, now housed at Champlain College.

I’m the author of The Conflict Pivot, released in 2014, and the award-winning Making Mediation Your Day Job.

And in the unlikely case you want to know more, here are some factoids and tidbits to round out the picture:

  • I’ve taught conflict resolution and negotiation in four graduate programs and have several teaching and higher education awards I treasure.
  • I was one of the very first online mediators in the world, part of a small group tapped for eBay’s then-new online dispute resolution program launched in 1999. In that role I mediated disputes as small as Barbie Doll petticoats and as large as islands bought sight unseen.
  • I was in the first group of mediators to mediate for the New Hampshire Probate Court’s first-in-the-nation probate mediation program.
  • I was the very first conflict resolution professional in the world appointed to Association for Conflict Resolution’s Academy of Advanced Practitioners in 2013.
  • I like firsts…can you tell? There’s nothing like living on the bleeding edge.
  • Back in my dean days I was co-chair of the New England Resource Center’s Department Chairs Think Tank. I loved being on a think tank.
  • I might be the very first conflict resolution blogger in the world, having started this blog in 2002. Who knew I could find so many things to say for so long?!?
  • When I’m not thinking about, writing about, or doing conflict resolution, I like to re-design this website and do all the coding (I know you’re not supposed to keep changing what a site looks like, but I cannot stop myself), compete in dog agility with my dogs, garden, and hike with my husband.