Conflict resolution with Tammy Lenski

I’m Tammy Lenski and I’ve been helping people bring their “A game” to conflict resolution since 1997.

Welcome to my corner of the web, a place where I help leaders, managers, mediators, and others answer conflict resolution questions like these:

  • How can I become a creative problem solving ace?
  • How can I crush my fear of conflict and confrontation?
  • How can I keep my wits about me during difficult conversations and tough negotiations?
  • How should I handle tricky behavior problems during conflict?
  • How can I master my own reaction (and help them master theirs)?
  • How can I make my conflict resolution skills highly relevant to those who need them?

Tammy in the mediaThey’re questions I’ve been asked so many times I’ve lost count. And I love them…because they go straight to the heart of conflict resolution: You.

They’re all about how you can feel great about the way you reacted. About how your voice can not only be heard, but deeply understood. About how you can nurture strong relationships and a vibrant career with the kinds of conflict resolution dexterity few achieve. About your peace of mind.

So after almost two decades mediating conflicts in organizations, business partners, families, executives, and couples, I’ve taken my experience and focused it on helping you master your reaction, create breakthrough conditions in conflict, and succeed as a conflict resolver.

About Tammy

Since founding my New Hampshire-based conflict resolution firm Myriaccord LLC in 1997, I’ve guided thousands of organizations, couples, and individuals worldwide as an executive coach, speaker, master mediator, educator, and author.

A member of the Academy of Advanced Practitioners in the Association for Conflict Resolution, in 2012 I received the Association’s Mary Parker Follett award for innovative and pioneering work in the conflict resolution field.

I started my career in higher education, serving as a dean, VP and professor, then later as a founding faculty member of the graduate program in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies at Champlain College. In addition to my full-time conflict resolution work, I still occasionally teach graduate courses in conflict resolution.

I’m the author of The Conflict Pivot, released in 2014, and the award-winning Making Mediation Your Day Job. And I’ve been blogging about conflict resolution since 2002, with an archive of nearly 1,000 conflict resolution articles available to you on this site.

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