ADR resources roundup, february 2008

My monthly roundup is a short list of links to services, ideas, and articles that help make marketing and managing your mediation practice more effective and efficient.

And fun. Let’s not forget fun (be sure to read to the bottom for the laugh link)! Here’s the latest:

  1. Trying to select a domain name for your ADR blog or website? Read Stephan Spencer’s Company Names Don’t Always Translate Well to Domain Names first. Reminds me of the classic story about Chevrolet trying to sell the Nova in Latin America. No va translates to it doesn’t go. The story is apparently an urban legend, but you get the point. For articles I’ve written on naming your ADR business or site, click here.
  2. Thinking about a business blog as part of your mediation marketing? Jumpstart your planning with Remarkablogger’s free e-book, How to Start a Business Blog. It’s a practical, idea-rich little guide. And for a list of articles I’ve written on creating a web presence and ADR blog, click here.
  3. Do you send an e-newsletter as part of your mediation marketing strategy? Web Worker Daily’s offering some excellent tips for improving the return on your e-newsletter effort at 7 Tips for Increasing Your Open Rates and Site Traffic. For resources to help create an e-newsletter, check out my post on email marketing tools for mediators.
  4. Looking for software to manage your client records? I wrote about Highrise last month and now want to highlight 37signals’ (the company behind Highrise) new 1-Minute Highrise Videos for teaching you how and why to use the software. Well worth a visit.
  5. Do you have a well-crafted bio on your ADR website or blog? For one of the most creative approaches to bio writing that I’ve ever seen, visit Stephanie West Allen’s article, Whom Am I? This Truth I Believe.
  6. Do you read the Mediation Channel? If you’re not yet familiar with Diane Levin’s terrific blog, which just recently celebrated its third anniversary, I hope you’ll head there next. Diane’s also the mastermind behind and creator of the World Directory of ADR Blogs.
  7. Do you produce pamphlets for ADR trainings or marketing? I don’t use them so rarely write about them here. So I was pleased to find Kevin Kelly’s review of ClickBook to pass along to you.
  8. And apropos of nothing but a good laugh (if you have a certain type of humor), check out Lolcats’ I Sayz Don’t Flush Toiletz! The thing to know about Lolcats is that the captions are written from the cat’s point of view and how a cat might spell if it tried to write in English.

Have a resource to recommend? I invite you to share it by leaving a comment.