ADR Resources Roundup, April 2007

My monthly roundup is a short list of links to free or low-cost services, ideas, and articles that help make the job of building and managing a thriving ADR practice a little bit easier:

If you use Outlook 2007 and want to prevent a message you send from easily being forwarded to someone else, check out Outlook 2007: Prevent Forwarding of a Message.

Want to be able to create PDFs without purchasing expensive Adobe software? There are free programs that will do it for you and Making PDFs with Free Software has the rundown (found via Lifehacker).

The Ten Commandments of Web offers excellent advice for surfing safely and securely.

Mapquest has expanded its features to allow users to send maps and directions free to their web-enabled cell phones.

I’m a big fan of the Firefox web browser but dislike one feature intensely: It allows websites to automatically re-size my browser window at their whim. Thanks to Download Squad, here are the simple instructions for preventing the automatic re-sizing: Fight Firefox Resizing with Four Simple Steps.